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A Letter From Our Founder

Introducing... My Online IEP Advocacy...
Your One Stop Shop for all Your Advocacy Support Needs!

Welcome to My Online IEP Advocate! We want you to know that when it comes to Virtual IEP and 504 Planning Support, there's nothing we haven't covered to make sure you are fully supported.

Let me give you a brief glimpse into why our program distinguishes itself from other training/support programs,

Our Courses
My Online IEP Advocate recognizes that parents and aspiring advocates are busy and need to get critical information fast. Our classes are anywhere from 20-45m on each topic that you need to know to be an effective advocate, a strategist per se.

We took the time on the front end to prepare, condense and organize so that we can deliver to you over 25 succinct courses that provide knowledge, strategy, next steps in learning and extended learning on each topic. What distinguishes our courses is the level of experience of those that teach them. Each expert has 10 plus years of experience in advocacy, law, psychology and/or education. For each subject matter presented, we sourced the most dynamic and experienced presenter. Our courses are unique in that our experts bring to you different perspectives as we do not require that all our teachers think the same. You as the parent and/or professional will listen to various ways of thinking, evidence based studies, references from the actual law itself and determine your path forward...always with one of us available to support you.

Our Community
We have built a community that transcends age, gender, race, ethnicity, religious and political views BUT holds one common truth: A passion for equal access to education for ALL students, a dream of inclusivity and the starting point of ALWAYS presuming competence. Being a part of My Online IEP Advocate will expose you to people that you never would have met, across disciplines and from east to west. You'll have an annual opportunity to participate in our in person conference, connect with members off the screen and return each year to train more and meet new faces.

In the meantime, get ready for rich dialogue in our 20 plus chat rooms, our ongoing lives and The My Online IEP Advocate private closed facebook Q and A Group.

Helping others in difficult situations is an important part of who we are at My Online IEP Advocate. We sponsor low income parents, homeless parents and parents in transition through our Non Profit Organization, IEP Advocacy for All.

Read more about our outreach efforts here...

Our Consult
All members will be invited to upload an IEP or 504 Plan for review and schedule a Zoom Meeting with our Director, Krista Barth or another expert/advocate within our community. We will coach you, question you, be questioned by you and assist you in preparing for success at your next IEP/504 Meeting. You will also have the chance to consult with Krista Barth, Founder, live 2X per month where she will appear full days and across time zones for discussion, questions and sharing of information/resources.

As a member, if you require further consultation and ongoing one to one support, know that at any time you can upgrade your programming and go into an advocacy contract with our sister company, My Educational Solutions, at a 25 percent rate of member discount.

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