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Jamison Jessup
Nationwide Advocate 
Jamison Jessup, CEO of, LLC, is a professional advocate for students with disabilities. He has represented parents in more than 620 due process hearing proceedings and accompanied them to thousands of IEP meetings. He leads a team of professionals who provide IEP advocacy and ABA Therapy services.
Dayna Friduss
Special Education Attorney 
Dayna Friduss is a special education attorney in the Atlanta metro area. Since 2017, she has represented many families with their special education needs, primarily in the areas of discipline, identification, IEP implementation, 504s and a variety of other special education matters, including filing and resolving due process hearing complaints against public school districts throughout the state of Georgia. 
Steve Moyer
Parent Activist
My son Matthew is now 27 years old. Matt has autism, limited verbal skills, epilepsy, and was a world class eloper. I dug into the various laws relating to Special Education like IDEA, Section 504 and the ADA. My wife, Stacy went “back to school” and became a Board-Certified Associate Behavior Analyst. Together we fought segregation and discrimination when we encountered it in our Public Schools. We fought for services Matt was entitled to but denied. 
Dr. Brandi Tanner, Ph.D., NCSP
Licensed Psychologist and a Certified School Psychologist.  
Dr. Brandi Tanner has over twenty years of experience working with children and adolescents with learning and behavioral problems. She is both a licensed psychologist and a certified school psychologist.  Dr. Brandi’s doctoral-level education training included experiences in the assessment and treatment of learning and behavioral problems for children and adolescents, systems-level consultation in Response to Intervention (RtI), and treatment integrity in school interventions. Upon completion of her doctoral degree, Dr. Brandi worked as a school psychologist in a metro-Atlanta district for several years.  
Shemica S. Allen
Nationwide Advocate 
Shemica S. Allen is the founder of Personalized Learning Solutions, LLC and also a former educator with over 15 years of teaching and administration experience working with students with disabilities and their parents/guardians. Shemica received her Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Arkansas in 1999 and a Master of Science in Kinesiology with a specialization in Adapted Physical Activity in 2005 from Texas Christian University. She is certified to teach Special Education and Physical Education and also received her Principal certification in 2010.
 Dr. Rebecca Babcock Fenerci
Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Rebecca Babcock Fenerci is the Founder of Compassionate Healing, and a Licensed Psychologist in the States of Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Dr. Fenerci has a passion for providing compassionate, evidence-based therapy services to children, adolescents, parents, and adults. She utilizes a combination of person-centered, cognitive-behavioral, acceptance and attachment-based approaches to assist clients with overcoming a variety of mood, behavioral, and interpersonal concerns. 
Ray Nelson
.  Parent & Professional Advocate
Ray Nelson approaches advocacy and IEP coaching differently than most folks. He focuses more on the student’s needs and less on where the team disagrees. This method increases his success rate with IEP teams. Making education better and more accessible is his goal for every client, every IEP team, and every meeting.  His 14 years of experience, both paid and volunteer, has given him a wide exposure to different situations and unique solutions. He uses that wisdom and experience to benefit his clients, their families, and our community. 
Valeria Fontanals
School Psychologist
Valeria Fontanals, Founder of My Optimal Child, is a Harvard-educated, Licensed School
Psychologist, award-winning learning expert. In the last 20 years of her clinical experience, she
has been helping children to optimize their learning, to become the best version of themselves,
and succeed in school and in life. She has participated in national and international conferences, and has been featured in CNN, Miami Herald, Ed. Harvard Magazine, VoyageMIA, among others.
Coach Franny
Parent & Family Coach | Non-ABA Behavior Consultant | Social-Emotional Learning Specialist
Coach Franny is a parent, educator, and founder of Mindful-IshTM guiding schools and families in Mindfulness-Based Social-Emotional Learning (MBSEL) and responsive behavior management. She is a thought leader in human potential, and her niche is to see the best in others, especially children who present with challenging or concerning behaviors.
Lauren Stradley
.  Master's Level Educator and Professional Advocate
Lauren Stradley has a vast background in communicative disorders and has spent her career working with children with hearing loss. Having been a teacher in two states, she is passionate about inclusivity and ensuring that all students are given the same opportunities. Lauren is excited to share her vast knowledge base of communication with all current and future members of My Online IEP Advocate.
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New Expert Coming Soon!
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