The 'I', 'E', 'P' in IEP

  • Presenter: Krista Barth
  • Study time: 45 minutes
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Course overview
Most parents and professional advocates are aware that the acronym, IEP stands for Individualized Educational Plan and that is a direct mandate of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Krista Barth, our founder, has created a series that takes viewers through all of the most important concepts and ideas that you must be aware of if you plan to be an effective advocate for a student. This series is cleverly done by expanding on all the words starting with 'I' 'E' and 'P' that have both impact and relevancy to your advocacy journey. These quick and engaging courses provide you with the foundations that you need to make a difference on behalf of your child, any child and the greater system as a whole. 
  • Video time: 10 - 15minutes