The Eight Critical Courses in Advocacy

  • Meet Your Instructor: Krista Barth
    Founder and Lead Advocate for My Educational Solutions and My Online IEP Advocate
  • Who is this for: Parents, Advocates, Educational Attorneys, Teachers, and all other IEP Creators and Implementators
  • Videos Range between 18-45 minutes
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Course overview
Whether you are a teacher, parent, professional or therapist that sits in on IEP meetings, you are serving the very important role of a student/child advocate. At My Online IEP Advocate we cut to the chase and teach you the strategies, methodology, knowledge base, research and real life experiences that YOU need to know to effectively advocate for YOUR child OR ANY child. Our critical courses solidify expert knowledge, and set the stage for all future learning in this field. Our owner, Krista Barth and team went to painstaking efforts to condense the most important information into time periods that you can commit to and re-watch regularly. 

Why should I take this course?

For Parent Advocates

For Professional Advocates

For Related Service Providers

You are your child's first and forever advocate. You will sit at every IEP/504 table. Therefore, it's essential, whether you walk this path alone or accompanied by an advocate, that you understand the most critical components of the IEP/504 process so that you can effectively advocate for your child.  
Whether you are new to the field or a seasoned advocate, Krista offers these critical 8 courses as a knowledge base to building your advocacy business upon. Instead of spending hours researching, Krista compiles these 8 courses into knowledge that you can apply to every IEP/504 Meeting you take part in. These tried and true strategies make it so that you can leave EVERY meeting accomplishing multiple purposes and effectively advocating for your client. 
If you are sitting at an IEP/504 meeting table but find yourself not understanding all the components and criteria that are required to create a comprehensive IEP/504 Plan, these courses are for you! You role at the IEP table is vital in ensuring the success of your client/student. It is important that you have the knowledge base to continue to support your client both in and out of the IEP/504 meetings. You the key in creating consistency both in the school and out in your practice.