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How are we able to help members nationwide?

Our trainings and dialogue are designed to benefit professional and parent advocates nationwide because they follow the minimum requirements states must meet, defined by Federal Law requirements. In every session, where applicable, we direct advocates to check their individual state rule and we demonstrate how to find such. We have a large focus on teaching palpable strategies that can be used effectively in achieving FAPE for a student. Those strategies will be useful to all. It’s important to always reference relevant state rules when analyzing a case. 

How Do We Help Parent and Professional Advocates Increase Their Effectiveness and Outcomes in IEP/504 Meetings?

Anyone attending IEP/EP/504 Plan and BIP Meetings is a perfect candidate for our community. The pros of being a member are the following:
  • You have questions and you need answers! You and your child deserve responsiveness and attention to your case.
  • You are a professional or parent advocate and you want to make sure you are using effective strategies for a variety of IEP and 504 related scenarios
  • You want a judgment free zone where no question is silly & you want to be able to connect with others in your shoes
  • You want valid and accurate information based upon the actual law, knowledge of education/schools and the lived experiences of the disabled community, parents and professional advocates
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Whether you are a parent looking to sharpen your advocacy skills, a professional advocate/attorney, educational consultant, or a private therapist working on behalf of a child- our courses are for you!

Anyone attending IEP/EP/504 Plan and BIP development meetings is a candidate for our community. The knowledge and skills you will acquire will enable you to successfully advocate for your child and any child with both strength and poise.

Whatever you need when it comes to supporting a child/student with an IEP, we provide. Every month we seek out new experts to speak to our community and support our community. The three C's of My Online IEP Advocate include:

 Courses: Over twenty courses on unique topics taught by over fourteen experts in the field

  Community: Bi weekly live chats, private chat groups, Our Annual Members Only Party and closed social media Q&A Group

  Consult: Review of an IEP with input, reduced fee consult with advocates, individualized questions answered in group and within the program

My Online IEP Advocate

Our Online Learning Platform

Our courses are designed by experts in the advocacy field from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds. You’ll exchange experiences, strategies and ideas with other parent/professional IEP/504 advocates.

Interviews with Experts

From all over the country in diverse topics that impact professional advocates, parent advocates and children 

Eight Critical Courses

Access to our critical courses in Advocacy taught by National Veteran Advocate and Masters Level Educator, Krista Barth 

The 'I', 'E' and 'P' in IEP

Explore the most important components you will need to know when advocating in any capacity for any child in a clever, fun and meaningdful course series.  

Members Are Entitled To:


  • The 8 Critical Courses in Advocacy taught by National Expert Advocate & Founder, Krista Barth

  • Interviews with Experts from all over the country in diverse topics that impact professional advocates, parent advocates and children

  • Live Q & A for members only- full days of availability to all members biweekly

  • An annual review of your child's/client's IEP draft of your choice with detailed input provided

  • Over twenty eBooks that offer benefit to any parent or advocate of a child with a 504 Plan or IEP writing by owner Krista Barth and over fifteen other collaborating experts

  • Membership to our private Facebook group, My Online IEP Advocate, where members only can post questions and receive answers within 48 hours

  •  My Online IEP Advocate adds a minimum of 100m of new content monthly for your continued training and a minimum of two of our checklists and/or e-books

  • Community! Connect with other parents and advocates to share stories, hear questions and answers and support one another

  • Discounted rates (25 percent) for our members when an individual advocate is needed to attend a meeting

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Stop spending hours researching and rely on our team of experts to guide you in educational planning decisions.

What makes us different

Expert Consult

A Yearly IEP or 504 Review with Training and Feedback

Is reviewed by one of our veteran advocates either by phone, email or via Zoom with detailed feedback

1-on-1 Advocacy Support Group

On our private Facebook group by a team of experts who respond to your questions within a maximum of 48 hours

Live and Yearly In Person Conferencing with the Best in the Field. 

We will have a yearly conference alternating on the east and west coast giving our members the opportunity to meet our experts nationwide. 

A discounted virtual advocacy rate

 If you find a one-to-one advocate to attend your meetings is needed (-25%)

IEP Advocate USA | IEP Advocate Online Training and Courses

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Welcome to our Community of Parents, Advocates in Training, Attorneys, Therapists and Other Passionate Professionals. 
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Meet Our Team

All of our advocates are highly qualified professionals, widely acknowledged in their field.
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Krista Barth

Veteran Advocate & Founder
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Lauren Stradley 

Expert Advocate 
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 Dayna Friduss

Special Education Board-Certified Attorney
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